Yes, there’s a skill in showing people around your property in a way that is more likely to attract an offer on your property. But no, it’s not as difficult as you may first think.


Plus, if it makes you feel any better, most estate agents are actually really BAD at conducting viewings.

Step 1: Make Your Property Presentable

You can take a lot of pressure off yourself simply by ensuring your home is permanently in a state of ‘viewing-ready’. That means the beds are made, the pots have been put away, and the place is generally clean and tidy.

Step 2: Make The Viewer Feel At Home

Remember, the person viewing your property is probably looking for a home. That means, the more you make them feel ‘at home’, the more likely they’ll be to put in an offer.

Leave space for them to park on the drive, open the door with a welcoming smile and invite them in, ask them to take off their shoes (who keeps their shoes on all the time when at home?!), and offer them a cup of tea or coffee.

Even if they are an investor buying for someone else to live in, there’s no harm in them feeling welcome!

Step 3: Strike Up A Casual Conversation

While talking to your visitor is part of making them feel welcome, it’s also a useful way to gauge what they might like and dislike about your property. For example, a couple with kids might be looking for a good-sized garden while a dog owner may want a secure, enclosed garden. An elderly couple may be looking for an easy-to-maintain garden.

Have you looked at any other properties in this area? – This is good for finding out what competition you have. People will often answer this by telling you what they liked or disliked about the other property.

What made you decide to look for a new place? – This will tell you what the main motivation for moving is e.g. need a larger property or looking to downsize, etc.

Where do you live at the moment? – Again, people will often answer this by telling you what they like and dislike about their current property.

Once you know a bit more about what your viewers want in a property, you can tailor your viewing to suit. For example, if you know they want a large garden and that’s what you’ve got – take them straight to see it! If they want a large garden but you only have a small one, save it until last.

Step 4: Start With The Best Part Of The Property

Too many people (and we include estate agents in this) simply show people around a property in the order that the rooms flow. For some properties that works fine, but it’s a very basic approach with very ordinary results.

Instead, try starting your tour from the best part of the property. Got an amazing view from the master bedroom? Start the tour there.

Yes, there’s a skill in showing people around your property in a way that is more likely to attract an offer on your property. But no, it’s not as difficult as you may first think.

Step 5: Always Mention The Benefits

This is an old sales technique based on the principle that people buy things based on benefits, but justify with features.

For example, someone might buy a car because they think they’ll look good in and it will be exciting to drive; yet they’ll say they are buying it because it’s more economical or has low mileage, etc.

Houses are no different. Nobody ever bought a house because it has lots of storage. They bought it because the storage space means they can keep the house looking much tidier, making them feel more relaxed and house-proud.

So, when you point out features to visitors, make sure you follow it up with an example of why that feature is good.

Step 6: Answer All Questions

The final step is to simply never let a question go unanswered.

As you do more viewings you’ll become better prepared for the questions you’ll be asked. However, no one expects you to know everything.

The key thing is that, when you are asked a question you cannot answer, don’t simply make something up or tell them you don’t know and leave it at that.

Be honest and tell them you’ll have to double-check and get back to them. Then DO IT!

Always follow up to answer questions you’ve been asked, even if you don’t think the viewer is likely to make an offer.

As you can see, it really isn’t rocket science. With the right approach and a few little tricks up your sleeve, you can become something of a ‘pro’ at selling your home to potential buyers.

That’s it!

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