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Multiple Offers in Seller's Markets: Sometimes homebuyers wonder if it's even worth trying to compete against other buyers in a seller's market. It's not unusual for a seller to receive receive two, three, four, or even more offers when there's very little inventory on the market.

It's almost always a good idea to write an offer anyway. Somebody will be the winning offer. Why can't that person be you? 

Write Your Best Offer: Don't hope for negotiation in a seller's market. Offer your highest price, one you can live with if your offer should be rejected. Do your best!

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Sept. 19, 2019

How to make an offer on a house

Home buying success starts with making a strong offer

Figuring out how to make an offer on a house that’ll turn you into a homeowner is no small task. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your offer as strong as possible. From down payments to contingencies, escrow accounts to counter offers, here’s a guide to understanding the process, enlisting expert help, and determining how to make an offer on a house you could someday call home.

How to make an offer on a house

1. Learn how the home offer process works.

Before you get your offer ready (more on that below), you’ll want to know what to expect. Here’s how the basic home offer process typically goes:

Your agent sends your offer to the seller.

The seller could:

Accept the offer.

Decline the offer. This happens if the seller doesn’t think your offer was close enough to their expectations to negotiate.

Counter-offer. The seller offers you different terms.

If the seller counter-offers, you can then accept, counter, or decline as well. You can negotiate back and forth as many times as you’d like until you reach an agreement or someone decides to walk away.

Once your offer is accepted (or you accept a counter-offer), you sign the purchase agreement. You’re now under contract. This period of time is called the contingency period, and any inspections, appraisals, or anything else built into your purchase agreement will take place.

2. Pick a starting price (with your agent’s help).

A lot goes into the number you start with when making an offer on a house: your budget, the local market, the seller’s situation, the condition of the house, and more. This is when you’ll thank yourself for finding a good real estate agent. Knowing your needs, the local market, and the right strategy for each property is your agent’s job. Feel free to ask lots of questions and do your own research, but also trust your agent’s expertise.

3. Set your contingencies and other offer details.

Contingencies are things you expect to happen between the signing of the purchase agreement and closing that could change or end your contract. Standard contingencies include home inspections and appraisals. These protect you by allowing you to walk away or renegotiate your offer if the house has hidden issues or isn’t worth as much as you thought.

You can also include non-financial things to sweeten the deal. If you know the seller is in a rush to move, you could offer to close quickly. If you know they are house hunting themselves, you could offer to rent the home to them after you close so they can take their time moving out. Your agent can help you get a read on the situation and recommend what items to include.

4. Decide how much money to put in escrow.

Your purchase agreement will include how much money you’re putting down as an earnest money deposit. This money shows the seller you’re serious about your offer because if you walk away from the deal in any way not allowed by your contract, the seller keeps the money. In a competitive market, offering a bigger earnest money deposit than the competition can help your offer stand out.

Earnest money deposits are often 1 to 3 percent of the purchase price of the house. If your offer is accepted, you’ll put your deposit in an escrow account, which is a special bank account where neither you nor the seller can access it until the agreement is over. If all goes well, your deposit will often be deducted from what you owe the seller when closing on the house.

5. Consider including a house offer letter.

In competitive housing markets, sellers often get multiple offers. One way to make yours stand out is with a house offer letter. If you know the seller has an emotional attachment to the home and you think they’d appreciate knowing how much you love their home, go ahead and tell them in a letter that will be delivered with your offer.

6. Send your offer.

When you’re ready, have your agent deliver the offer to the seller or the seller’s real estate agent. Now, it’s up to them to respond. And while you wait, congratulate yourself. No matter how things go from here, you’ve taken a big step toward homeownership by learning how to make an offer on a house.

Want to make that offer even stronger? Here’s how to write a house offer letter that could win a seller’s heart.

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Sept. 18, 2019

Famous TV And Movie Cars

See The Most Famous TV And Movie Cars Including The Batmobile At Tennessee’s Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Hollywood tends to have a heavy draw on the greater population, mainly because of all the stories of fun and fantasy its managed to flash across both large and small screens. East Tennessee boasts a neat museum that takes some of the most iconic vehicles from the big screen and brings them straight to the public by way of the Hollywood Star Car Museum. This quirky experience is truly unique, a fun spot for the whole family or perhaps a date night. Come experience it for yourself and fall in love with the magic of the movies all over again!

If you’re looking for more information, you can find it by way of the official website or Facebook page.

Don’t miss out on all the fun Tennessee has to offer this year! Make sure to check out this incredible waterfall hike in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Sept. 18, 2019

Simplify Loan Origination Process

September 18, 2019 9:00 AM EDT
Freddie Mac Announces Latest Borrower Capacity Solution in AIM; Teams with Finicity to Simplify Loan Origination Process Benefitting Lenders and Borrowers

Finicity Integration with Loan Product Advisor Provides More Effective, Efficient Income Assessments

MCLEAN, Va., Sept. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freddie Mac (OTCQB: FMCC) today announced Loan Product Advisor® asset and income modeler (AIM) now includes AIM for Direct Deposit with Paystub which leverages data from Finicity’s Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) solution in limited release. AIM continues to evolve, creating a speedier process with a responsible and reliable income assessment tool that helps lenders and their borrowers reduce their documentation burden during loan origination.

Finicity’s VOIE solution extracts a borrower’s pay statement data from the paystub and then cross-verifies it against their income transactions from their financial institutions. This automates a mostly manual process for lenders while also reducing the borrower “hassle factor”. 

“The addition of VOIE to AIM augments direct deposit information with paystub data and delivers automation that makes the origination process easier, faster and less costly for lenders and borrowers,” said David Fulford, Vice President of Loan Advisor Strategy and Integration at Freddie Mac. “This is another way in which we are serving the needs of our clients by developing value-driven offerings that create a more effective and efficient origination process, while at the same time ensuring we’re receiving verifiable and accurate data that meet our underwriting standards.”

“Freddie Mac has done an exceptional job of streamlining the mortgage process and creating a better experience for borrowers and lenders through its AIM program,” said Steve Smith, CEO and Co-founder of Finicity. “Our relationship and their continued push for innovation has been key to our delivery of a verification of income and employment solution that promises to significantly improve coverage for automated assessments in the mortgage market.”

About Freddie Mac
Freddie Mac makes home possible for millions of families and individuals by providing mortgage capital to lenders. Since our creation by Congress in 1970, we’ve made housing more accessible and affordable for homebuyers and renters in communities nationwide. We are building a better housing finance system for homebuyers, renters, lenders, investors and taxpayers. Learn more at, Twitter @FreddieMac and Freddie Mac’s blog

About Finicity
Finicity’s mission is to help individuals, families and organizations make smarter financial decisions through safe and secure access to fast, high-quality data. The company, which launched its first financial product in 2000 and has since grown to provide financial data APIs, credit decisioning tools and financial wellness solutions, partners with influential financial institutions and disruptive fintech providers alike to give consumers a leg up in a complicated financial world. Finicity was awarded API World’s 2016 Finance API of the Year and is a 2018 HousingWire Tech100 winner. To learn more or test drive its API, visit



View this release →
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Sept. 18, 2019

Small Fixes Make a Difference

Thinking About Selling? 

When you own a home, there are always repairs that need to be made especially if it's an older home.  If you're hoping to sell your home, it's worth it to fix the small things to make your home more marketable.  Neglected, damaged, cluttered and worn areas will turn off potential buyers.  Whether you want to DIY or hire a professional, it's time to take a look around your house and get to fixin' those troubled areas.

Front Door

The exterior of your home needs to make an impression on buyers and that starts with your front door. If it's old, weathered or just plain boring, consider having a new door installed or DIY. When we moved into our house we liked the red front door but, after living there for a number of years, we realized it wasn't very well insulated. We installed a new one, which not only improved the appearance of our home, but resulting in significant energy savings (selling point!).  Even if you aren't planning on moving for awhile, consider replacing the front door for aesthetic and energy saving reasons.


The bathroom can make or break a deal when it comes to selling a house. If a potential buyer sees dirty or moldy grout or the room smells like mildew, they may be turned off instantly. Consider regrouting and replacing any chipped tiles.  Instead of losing buyers due to an ugly bathroom, you might hear a lot of compliments as you apply some of the following fixes:  

  • Fresh coat of neutral paint
  • Regrout tile
  • Remove old caulking around tub/shower and re-caulk
  • Replace chipped tile
  • Replace the toilet seat, maybe even the toilet
  • Add new linoleum over old linoleum
  • Refinish vanity
  • Replace vanity countertop
  • New, neutral shower curtain

Even if big fixes aren't necessary, small things should be addressed to make your bathroom more attractive to buyers. If you have a colorful toilet (ex. pink), you can replace it by spending around $100 and use it a selling point (conserves water). Even replacing a toilet seat can go a long way in a buyer's eyes and it's an affordable upgrade. A new shower curtain can leave a positive impression as well. Most importantly, your bathroom should be spotless and smell great.


The kitchen is such an important part of the home and what many buyers rush to see when they're looking at a home. As with the bathroom, your kitchen needs to be spotless. You don't have to spend much money to keep your kitchen looking it's best. Start by clearing clutter and small appliances off of the counters.  Consider staging the diningroom table with matching dinner settings to create a feeling of togetherness and warmth.

If you want to go for the bigger, more expensive improvements, you might consider some of the following suggestions which could bring a higher sales price:

  • New paint
  • Matching appliances
  • New flooring
  • Replace the faucet
  • New lighting
  • Replace old cabinet hardware
  • Painting or refacing cabinets
  • Add a modern backsplash

If your appliances don't match (ex. white stove and black dishwasher), consider changing the panels. Talk to the manufacturer to see which colors are available. Replace old faucets, especially if they are showing wear or mineral buildup. New hardware on cabinets can make a favorable impression on buyers too. If you want to go all out, reface the cabinets so the overall feel of the kitchen is more modern.  There are many "fixes" you can apply to your kitchen to make it more attractive to potential buyers.


Whether you have an older home with small closets or a newer home with large walk-in closets, they get cluttered. If you want to appeal to the masses, remove the majority of clothing and belongings. You want to leave the impression that there's plenty of room for the buyer's clothing. Add a closet organizer system or use attractive baskets on upper shelves to contain shoes, sweaters, scarves, etc. A simple, non-cluttered, organized closet will bring oohs and aahs from potential buyers.


Carpeting can really drag down the value of your home especially if it's dirty or worn. Hire a professional who can spot clean high traffic areas and then do an overall deep cleaning. Your carpet will look newer and your house will smell better.  If you have worn or outdated carpet, you might consider replacing or removing it (hardwood floors may be underneath!).  Carpet squares offer a DIY solution to replacing outdated carpet or covering concrete basement floors.


Lighting can make a big difference in the appearance of a room. If you have a space that's a bit dark, consider have a professional install recessed lighting. I was in the basement of a friend's house recently and there was so much lighting, it hardly felt like a basement. Replace burnt out bulbs and consider replacing outdated light fixtures.  In addition, a light wall color will reflect light better, adding more appeal to buyers.

brian-patrick-tagalog-s0FBvCk9-DU-unsplashOutlet Covers

Depending on the age of your home, you may have yellowing outlets and covers. As I repaint rooms around my house, I also replace old outlet, covers, light switches and switchplates. Crisp, white outlets and switches leave the room feeling more up-to-date and cleaner.


As you can see, there are many quick fixes around your home that can make a world of difference in the eyes of a potential buyer. Mismatched kitchen appliances, old grout, dingy carpets, or old outlet covers can be remedied and may lead to a greater sales return. Considering hiring a professional for the big repairs but many of these fixes are DIY. Tackle a couple of small fixes this week and the next and by the time you're ready to put your house on the market, potential buyers will be impressed with what they see.


I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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Sept. 13, 2019

Quitclaim vs. warranty deed

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Sept. 13, 2019

Weekly Update: new listings, reduced, contracts and sales

Zillow, Homes, Amazon, Nextdoor, Trulia and Realtor’s MLS



Tim Sharp 865-705-2062 “listing agent and buyer’s specialist Realtor” , Would you like me to copy you in on the VIP Price Reduction List that I put together every day? click on Save this Search. We can be reached by phone, email  or even by text messaging. Keep looking for your dream home Continue your search → REAL ESTATE FOR BUYERS / SELLERS - We could go on, but I think we've made our point.


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Sept. 13, 2019

What is included in settlement costs

What is included in settlement costs? 

Settlement costs, also called settlement fees or closing costs, are the various costs associated with the closing of a mortgage. This can include discount points, an appraisal fee, title search and insurance, taxes, survey, deed recording fee, credit report charge, and more. Prior to closing, the attorneys involved in the mortgage closing will meet to determine the final costs that are associated with the loan. These settlement costs are disclosed to all parties before the closing table so that they can be prepared to pay.

We work to get you the best known incentives for YOU. LESS Cash at closing a Lot less CASH......For Closing Costs……No IRS tax forms, No income limits, No previous ownership limits, No deadline for a closing. We work with all local lenders ……..Receive Priority Access To 100's of Market Priced Homes from Realtor’s, Zillow, Trulia, Homes and MLS Listed. We help homeowners build wealth,

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Sept. 12, 2019

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville

If you live in Tennessee, you might think of Nashville and Memphis as top spots for bachelor and bachelorette parties. But have you ever thought about Knoxville? If you're looking for a more laid-back experience, Knoxville might be the right fit for you! Read below on what guys and girls can do in Knoxville.

Where to Stay

Oliver Hotel

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Stay in a stylish and historic hotel.

Located next to Market Square (and an Urban Outfitters), this hotel oozes charm and sophistication. The decor is warm and rustic with wood end tables, plush pillows with animals on them and cream headboards and comforters.


Phoenix Pharmacy

The Phoenix Pharmacy is a full functioning pharmacy and fountain shop. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to stop here! The Classic Brownie Sundae and Banana Split will send you to Cloud Nine.

The French Market Creperie

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Enjoy a variety of sweet and savory crepes.

For a memorable breakfast, dine at the French Market Crêperie. Get a croissant, Nutella crêpe, or omelet to start the day. They have outdoor bistro seating so you can enjoy the morning on this quaint street with your coffee, breakfast and best girl or guy friends.

Bistro at the Bijou

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Brunch, lunch or dinner, the Bistro is a great place for a meal.

This place has a good brunch and is also open for lunch and dinner. Make a reservation for dinner which includes live jazz music.

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey is home to some of the best food and is open for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Try the biscuit and buttermilk fried chicken.


Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Cozy up with some Italian comfort food.

Great Italian cuisine can be found at Emilia's. In Market Square, enjoy a glass of wine and their house-made pasta.

SoKno Taco Cantina

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
Grab a quick bite at SoKno Tacos.

Get your taco fix in SoKno in South Knoxville (hence the name). This is a great spot to sit outside and enjoy all the tacos you can eat!

South Coast Pizza

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
Dig in to a pizza shared with friends.

You'll find some of the best pizza in Knoxville at South Coast. This place has the coolest, most laid-back vibe and the pizza and wings are amazing. It's close to the Tennessee River and Suttree Landing Park so stop by and refuel after hiking or kayaking.

Lonesome Dove

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
Upscale dining can be found at Lonesome Dove.

For a nice dinner, head to Old City to Lonesome Dove. The restaurant has urban western cuisine with meats like duck, rabbit, and rattlesnake, plus the decor is cool.

Pete's Coffee Shop

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Wake up with a caffeine jolt and fluffy pancakes.

Time for breakfast? Walk to Pete's! Whether you're nursing a hangover after a day on the Knoxville Ale Trail or just need fuel for a day outdoors, Pete's has you covered.

Downtown Grill & Brewery

Located on Gay Street, the Downtown Grill and Brewery has a beautiful copper bar with several good craft beers. It has a relaxed vibe and comfort foods.

Elkmont Exchange

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Elkmont Exchange

The first thing you notice about Elkmont Exchange is their amazing exterior.  Every inch of this place is beautiful and a true work of art. The food and drinks are great, too! Try the Cuban Panini and a cider. Perfect for lunch!


Peter Kern Library

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Peter Kern Library

Make your way to the lobby and enter through a sliding door (the hotel staff can direct you) to get to the Peter Kern Library. This speakeasy is accessible through the hotel as well as through the alley next to the hotel for a true off-the-grid bar experience. The Peter Kern Library will take you back to 1920's prohibition, so pull out your flapper outfits and try the Holly Golightly cocktail.

Old City Wine Bar

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Old City Wine Bar

A cool area of Knoxville is Old City. There are a lot of great places to eat and drink. Old City Wine Bar is one of them! Stop in for a glass of their sangria, more than 48 glasses of wine and 150 bottles on their extensive menu.

Oliver Royale


Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
Crafted cocktails wait for you at Oliver Royale.

Located in Market Square, Oliver Royale has breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner but the most buzz is around their drinks. They have contemporary classics, wine, and cocktails with a cool atmosphere to enjoy. If you can, try to sit on their outdoor patio.


A glass of rose at Sapphire in Knoxville
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Have a glass of bubbles or a cocktail.

Another great place to enjoy a cocktail is Sapphire. The decor and vibe are so moody and glamorous, it’ll remind you of something out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald book. If you're feeling extra glitzy, they have a $350 Martini!

Pretentious Beer Company

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Taste a few brews.

One of the coolest places in Old City is Pretentious Beer. Everything there from the glasses to the barstools is handcrafted. The company started out as a glassmaking shop, where they make different glasses for different beers. You can check out their demonstrations where they’ll make glasses in front of you. They started brewing beer and took over the space next door with their varieties of craft brews. But, after a batch of beer is gone, they make something completely new. The names are unique, just like their beer and the glasses they’re served in. Try the "Chris Hemsworth Has Dreamy Eyes" beer for a laugh and tasty choice. Hang out and play ping pong with the guys in the back of the tasting room.

Suttree's High Gravity Tavern 

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Arcade games and a laid back atmosphere greet you at Suttree's.

Another stop on Gay Street is Suttree's. You can grab a beer and head to the game room where you'll find pinball, Foosball, and Mr. Pac Man. You’ll feel like a kid and be able to drink at the same time.

Boyd's Jig & Reel 

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Enjoy an Irish atmosphere without leaving Knoxville.

Another Old City find, Jig & Reel has more than 800 whiskeys available! The owners have been buying all the malts available to them and have pretty much any scotch, bourbon or Irish liquor you can imagine.

What To Do

If you and your party are more laid back and want to have a lovely experience and enjoy each other's company, below are some fun ideas Knoxville offers:  

Volunteer Princess

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Spend some time cruising around the Tennessee River.

The Volunteer Princess is a yacht that has public cruises and private events on their beautiful space. Grab your best gals (the guys can come, too) and enjoy a sunset cruise with food and drinks. The most popular cruise is the Sunset Dinner Cruise, boarding beginning at 6 p.m. and sailing until 8:30 p.m. The two-hour cruise includes a three-course meal.  You can select add-ons to your experience to make it even more memorable including bottle of champagne, guaranteed window table, and a souvenir photo with frame. Private tables are provided for everyone. Private cruises are also available.

Spa Visage

Nail colors displayed at Spa Visage.
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Total relaxation awaits.

What bachelorette party doesn't want a spa day?! Spa Visage is in downtown Knoxville and has the most beautiful facilities. The spa has services like massages, facials, nail care and more. If you call and mention you're having a bachelorette party, they can try to accommodate you.

Frank's Barbershop

Leather chairs and a pool table at Frank's Barbershop.
Grab the guys for a laidback afternoon at Frank's.

Guys like to be pampered sometimes, too, and Frank's Barbershop gets that. Get a root beer in an ice cold mug and enjoy a facial, hand detail, haircut or shave. The other guys in your party can wait their turn while playing pool in the lobby or watching the game on one of the many TV's. It's a great spot to relax and hang out!

Tennessee Theatre

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Historic Tennessee Theatre

While you're in town, check to see if there are any shows at the Tennessee Theatre. They have bands, Broadway shows and movie nights. It's also cool to take a tour and hear the history behind this historic building.

Shopping in Market Square

Market Square and Gay Street are the most popular spots in Knoxville. A lot of the good food and shopping is here and it's all walkable.  While downtown, ride the trolley. The Knoxville Trolley is free and you can hop on atdifferent parts of the city you want to see. 


Tree top obstacles at Navitat in Knoxville
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Traverse the challenging obstacles at Navitat.

Knoxville is known for their amazing parks and outdoor spaces; Navitat doesn't disappoint. Spend some time in the trees with zip lines, tunnels, bridges and much more. There are different levels to choose from and the view is remarkable.

Ijams Nature Center

A Tennessee River view at Ijams Nature Center.
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Take in some scenery and exercise at Ijams.

If you're at Navitat, add some time to experience everything Ijams has to offer like hiking, biking and paddling. You can rent any gear you need from paddle boards to climbing equipment so you can explore Ijams’ more than 300 acres with ease.

Maple Hall

Plan a Bachelor(ette) Weekend in Knoxville
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Rent out a lane and have some competitive fun.

The trendy spot on Gay Street is the perfect spot for the competitive group as you pick up a game of bowling. There are 11 lanes and they have food, drinks, and music. They also have a private area with two lanes for bachelor/ette parties.

Bike Around Knoxville

Knoxville is such a walkable city and you can also take the trolley or Uber/Lyft. But a new option is to bike! Download the app Pace and find a designated bike on a rack near you. It's $1.50 for 30 minutes and you can keep the bike for up to 24 hours. It's a great way to see the city!

These are just some of the activities and dining options Knoxville offers its visitors and locals. Of course, all of the options aren't specifically for guys and girls. Feel free to mix and match the activities to make everyone in your wedding party have a great time.

Places in this article

Places in this article

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Sept. 11, 2019

6 of the Most Affordable Gatlinburg Restaurants to Visit on Your Vacation

Barbecue ribs on the grill
Listen To This Article - Click Play

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg when you go out to eat, you should visit some of the most affordable Gatlinburg restaurants! These eateries have delicious food you won’t forget at a price you will want to come back for. Check out 6 of the most affordable Gatlinburg restaurants you should visit on your vacation:

1. Parton’s Deli

Two submarine sandwiches.Do you enjoy a great sandwich or hot dog? Parton’s Deli is the perfect place for this kind of food! Choose from turkey, ham, pastrami, corned beef, and other meats for your sandwiches. Cheeses you can get include cheddar, american, mozzarella, and more. Get your hot dog covered in chili, cheese, coleslaw, and whatever other topping you love. The sides at Parton’s include homemade coleslaw, potato salad, and deviled eggs. This place has a small-town feel you’ll enjoy and prices you’ll love!

2. Little House of Pancakes

When you wake up ready for breakfast, head out to Little House of Pancakes. They have delicious food at some of the best prices as far as Gatlinburg restaurants go. Your favorite breakfast staples at Little House of Pancakes include eggs cooked the way you like, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits, and, of course, pancakes. You can get classic buttermilk pancakes or get them with add ons, such as chocolate chips or bananas. You can also order lunch items from this restaurant!

3. Split Rail Eats

A tasty bacon cheeseburger.Split Rail Eats is a small Gatlinburg restaurant with great prices! They’re known for their tater bowls, a bowl of tater tots or french fries covered with other ingredients. There’s a cheeseburger bowl, buffalo bowl, taco bowl, and greek bowl. You’ll also find sandwiches, burgers, and salads. Be sure to save room for the cinnamon roll hand pie!

4. Luigi’s Pizzeria

Are you in the mood for pizza? Head over to Luigi’s Pizzeria. You can build your own pizza with all your favorite toppings, or choose from one of the many specialty pizzas. Some of them include the white pizza, a greek pizza, and a philly steak pizza. You’ll also find pasta dishes, salads, strombolis, calzones, and sandwiches. There’s something for everyone at Luigi’s!

5. Loco Burro Fresh Mexican Cantina

tacos at a mexican restaurantIn the mood for Mexican food? Head to Loco Burro Fresh Mexican Cantina. You’ll find all your favorites, from enchiladas to fajitas to tacos. You can’t go wrong with the chips and salsa, and you know you want to, so go ahead and add queso! Can’t decide what you want? Get one of the combo meals, or try something new with the traditional dishes. Loco Burro has great prices, and you get a large amount of food for what you pay.

6. Bones BBQ Joint

Need some tangy barbeque while you’re in Gatlinburg? Bones BBQ Joint has all the things you’re looking for. They serve pulled pork sandwiches, barbeque ribs, and beef brisket. You can also get grilled chicken, salad, soup, and more. Baked beans, fried okra, mac and cheese, and potato salad are some of the sides you can get with your entree.

When you save money dining at these affordable Gatlinburg restaurants, it’s okay to splurge one night at one of the other popular spots in town! Check out these other great Gatlinburg restaurants you should visit!

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Sept. 10, 2019

Why Fall Can Be The Best Time To Buy A House

When is the best time to buy a house? You might be surprised to learn the fall can be a very attractive season for buying. RealtyTrac analysts found that October is the best month to close on a home. They looked at over 32 million real estate sales since 2000 and found October buyers on average paid 2.6% below estimated market value.

Your decision on timing should always start with how ready you are with things like credit, job security, securing a good agent, and your readiness for the commitment. With those things already considered, there are compelling reasons that can make fall the best time to buy a house for many people. Who knows – you might be baking your pumpkin pie this season in the kitchen of your new home!

Benefits of Buying in the Fall

Less Competition

Summer buyers have closed on their new homes and remaining would-be buyers tend to hold off until after the new year. This makes it easier to get around open houses and get more personal attention from the selling agents to answer your questions. Another huge advantage of less competition is there are less chances for bidding wars. This slightly slower pace also gives you a little more time to conduct important research and consider your options.


Starter home inventory increases by about 7% in the fall months compared to the spring as reported in Trulia’s Inventory and Price Watch. This makes the fall a particularly good time for starter home buyers.

Negotiating Power

There’s probably a pressing reason for sellers to keep their homes on the market in the fall instead of holding off until the winter selling season. They’re probably eager to sell and chances are usually good you’ll have more negotiating power with these motivated sellers.

Price Reductions

October is typically a month with lots of price reductions. Even if listing prices appear not to dip, actual selling prices tend to go down. Motivated sellers are anxious to sell before the market really slows down starting at Thanksgiving and they will cut prices to close deals.

Better Lending Deals

If you look around, you may find better deals on your mortgage such as lower rates and/or lower down payments. Business at banks is seasonal and they may be trying to boost their numbers, so don’t be afraid to negotiate.


If you’re on the market for a new home, there’s a good chance you’ve had your eye on some listings since the summer. Maybe you’ve even attended some open houses, putting another step ahead. Take advantage of your position to move quickly and snag your new home, maybe even for reduced price.

Tax Breaks

Numerous year-end home buyer tax breaks can make a big difference in the amount you owe the government at the end of the year. You might offset your taxable earnings for the year with deductions taken the following April that could include mortgage interest, property tax, and closing costs.

Help From Your Agent

Agents are often extremely busy during the peak buying seasons and can be less responsive to your needs during these times. In the fall season, they’ll have more time to devote to you, helping you explore more listings and move faster when it’s time to make a move.

Moving Service Availability

Moving services are jam-packed with clients during the peak buying seasons. If you’re lucky enough to secure one, you could encounter communication challenges and delays while they are juggling all their clients. Odds are good that things will go a lot more smoothly with moving services in the fall when the moving wave before the start of school has ended.

More Retail Buying Power

A lot of items you’ll need to buy for your home are cheaper in the fall, as you will find in Best Time to Buy Things from Consumer Reports. This can make a big difference in your bills, especially if you’re a new home owner with a longer shopping list for your home.

Thinking of making a move to buy in the fall? Here’s a great list of tips for preparing your finances for the fall home-buying season.

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