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Multiple Offers in Seller's Markets: Sometimes homebuyers wonder if it's even worth trying to compete against other buyers in a seller's market. It's not unusual for a seller to receive receive two, three, four, or even more offers when there's very little inventory on the market.

It's almost always a good idea to write an offer anyway. Somebody will be the winning offer. Why can't that person be you? 

Write Your Best Offer: Don't hope for negotiation in a seller's market. Offer your highest price, one you can live with if your offer should be rejected. Do your best!

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Nov. 15, 2019

How To Successfully Conduct Your Own Showings

Yes, there’s a skill in showing people around your property in a way that is more likely to attract an offer on your property. But no, it’s not as difficult as you may first think.


Plus, if it makes you feel any better, most estate agents are actually really BAD at conducting viewings.

Step 1: Make Your Property Presentable

You can take a lot of pressure off yourself simply by ensuring your home is permanently in a state of ‘viewing-ready’. That means the beds are made, the pots have been put away, and the place is generally clean and tidy.

Step 2: Make The Viewer Feel At Home

Remember, the person viewing your property is probably looking for a home. That means, the more you make them feel ‘at home’, the more likely they’ll be to put in an offer.

Leave space for them to park on the drive, open the door with a welcoming smile and invite them in, ask them to take off their shoes (who keeps their shoes on all the time when at home?!), and offer them a cup of tea or coffee.

Even if they are an investor buying for someone else to live in, there’s no harm in them feeling welcome!

Step 3: Strike Up A Casual Conversation

While talking to your visitor is part of making them feel welcome, it’s also a useful way to gauge what they might like and dislike about your property. For example, a couple with kids might be looking for a good-sized garden while a dog owner may want a secure, enclosed garden. An elderly couple may be looking for an easy-to-maintain garden.

Have you looked at any other properties in this area? – This is good for finding out what competition you have. People will often answer this by telling you what they liked or disliked about the other property.

What made you decide to look for a new place? – This will tell you what the main motivation for moving is e.g. need a larger property or looking to downsize, etc.

Where do you live at the moment? – Again, people will often answer this by telling you what they like and dislike about their current property.

Once you know a bit more about what your viewers want in a property, you can tailor your viewing to suit. For example, if you know they want a large garden and that’s what you’ve got – take them straight to see it! If they want a large garden but you only have a small one, save it until last.

Step 4: Start With The Best Part Of The Property

Too many people (and we include estate agents in this) simply show people around a property in the order that the rooms flow. For some properties that works fine, but it’s a very basic approach with very ordinary results.

Instead, try starting your tour from the best part of the property. Got an amazing view from the master bedroom? Start the tour there.

Yes, there’s a skill in showing people around your property in a way that is more likely to attract an offer on your property. But no, it’s not as difficult as you may first think.

Step 5: Always Mention The Benefits

This is an old sales technique based on the principle that people buy things based on benefits, but justify with features.

For example, someone might buy a car because they think they’ll look good in and it will be exciting to drive; yet they’ll say they are buying it because it’s more economical or has low mileage, etc.

Houses are no different. Nobody ever bought a house because it has lots of storage. They bought it because the storage space means they can keep the house looking much tidier, making them feel more relaxed and house-proud.

So, when you point out features to visitors, make sure you follow it up with an example of why that feature is good.

Step 6: Answer All Questions

The final step is to simply never let a question go unanswered.

As you do more viewings you’ll become better prepared for the questions you’ll be asked. However, no one expects you to know everything.

The key thing is that, when you are asked a question you cannot answer, don’t simply make something up or tell them you don’t know and leave it at that.

Be honest and tell them you’ll have to double-check and get back to them. Then DO IT!

Always follow up to answer questions you’ve been asked, even if you don’t think the viewer is likely to make an offer.

As you can see, it really isn’t rocket science. With the right approach and a few little tricks up your sleeve, you can become something of a ‘pro’ at selling your home to potential buyers.

That’s it!

If your thinking of buying or selling we offer a Free Real Estate Review.

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Nov. 15, 2019

This Tennessee Whiskey Trail Is The Perfect Weekend Road Trip

Posted in Tennessee April 10, 2019 by 

Tennessee is an absolutely beautiful state, and what better way to see all that it has to offer than by driving from whiskey distillery to whiskey distillery? Granted, we always recommend doing this with a designated driver, but the experience is one that is truly Tennessean. From the banks of the Mississippi to the hills and hollers of the Smokies, this Tennessee Whiskey Trail is a great way to spend your weekend.


While you’re out searching for the best Tennessee whiskey, be sure to stop by this mom and pop pizza joint in the most peaceful Tennessee town.

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Nov. 13, 2019

Visiting This One Mountain Lake In Tennessee Is Like Experiencing A Dream

Posted in Tennessee May 04, 2019 by 

Tennessee isn’t home to the craggy, sky-sweeping mountains of the west, but our Great Smoky Mountains still tend to be some of the most beautiful in the nation. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is actually the most popular and visited national park in the United States, and folks flock to the cabins and lakes that speckle the eastern edge of the state all year long. Douglas Lake may not be stuck quite in the middle of all the mountainous ballyhoo, but it makes for a gorgeous visit just the same. Have you been?

You can find more information on Douglas Lake on their official website, perfect for planning your summertime vacation.

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Nov. 6, 2019

Condo Vs. Townhouse: Which Housing Option Is Right For You?

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Oct. 31, 2019

9 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

9 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive
Photo by bearinmind /

Everyone deserves to live in a stately home with well-dressed picture windows, plush furnishings and stylish decor. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it.

Champagne taste comes at a cost, which is why you have to get a little creative with where you invest your dollars.

For example, instead of a complete kitchen remodel, simply add a backsplash or swap out the cabinet pulls. Your space will instantly look as good as gold (or, brass if you’re digging that trend right now).

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Highlighted below are some other budget-friendly ways to make your home look expensive. All these products get at least four stars from reviewers.

Also, note that although the prices you see here will almost always be accurate, they sometimes differ slightly from what you will find at Amazon.

1. Treat your windows

Bare windows make a home feel unfinished. Thankfully, it’s a quick fix with these linen sheers with grommets. Use them to frame a window or to add volume to your current drapes.

Each set includes two panels, each measuring 52 by 108 inches — though several other lengths are available, too.

Prime $33.49
Buy from Amazon

2. Dress up your dining room

Your dining room is where everyone gathers for holiday dinners and family get-togethers, which is why it needs that one attention-grabbing piece. This crystal chandelier is a classy statement fixture, with polished chrome and crystal droplets.

Assembly is required. While you’re installing the chandelier, perhaps add a dimmer switch, too. This will allow you to adjust the level of light and set the mood for any special occasion.

Prime $148.00
Buy from Amazon

3. Add an area rug

Take a cue from design experts and add an area rug to your living room. It not only adds a layer of texture, but also helps you clearly define the space.

This lightly patterned Moroccan design rug comes in several shapes, sizes and colors to suit your needs. It’s also stain-resistant.

Prime $121.79
Buy from Amazon

4. Re-cover your throw pillows

If your pillows have gone flat, go ahead and replace them. Otherwise, give your existing inventory a quick face-lift with this set of two faux fur pillow covers.

They come in several sizes and colors.

Prime $12.99
Buy from Amazon

5. Refresh your paint

Wall color is one of the most impactful design elements in a room — and one of the least expensive.

For a truly elegant look, choose a soothing neutral like this “Blue Bayou” shade of gray. A neutral wall color never goes out of style, and it allows other accessories the chance to stand out.

Prime $29.49
Buy from Amazon

6. Trick the eye with mirrors

When it comes to high-end design, size does matter. Pretend like you have more of it by placing this mirror in your entryway, bathroom or master suite. The floor-length profile will reflect a good portion of the room, giving the illusion that your space is larger.

The thin walnut- or maple-finish frame allows for maximum mirrored glass and speaks to minimalist design. Use the pre-installed hardware to hang this mirror on the wall, or let it lean in a space that feels casual.

Buy from Amazon

7. Install a backsplash

Have your home improvement skills graduated past a paint brush? Try installing these peel-and-stick backsplash tiles. The crisp, clean sheen of a sea glass-style finish means these tiny tiles will make a big statement. Use them to add polish on kitchen walls, above a bathroom vanity or around a fireplace.

Each package comes with four 10-by-10-inch panels.

$26.99 1% off $26.98
Buy from Amazon

8. Update your hardware

You can tell the age and care of a home by its hardware. So, take the time to pay attention and replace any outdated doorknobs. The Schlage Georgian Passage Knob has a round, hefty profile and is available in several finishes, including aged bronze, satin nickel and matte black.

The knob is designed to fit on standard, pre-drilled doors and can work with a right or left swing motion.

Prime $32.00 44% off $17.99
Buy from Amazon

9. Personalize your towels

Monograms are the modern-day family crests. You want to display them prominently but with some restraint. These monogrammed cotton hand towels feature a single embroidered silver script letter.

One set includes four towels, so you can sprinkle that personal stamp around your house.

Prime $36.99 22% off $28.86
Buy from Amazon

Have you tried any of these ideas in your own home? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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Oct. 31, 2019

TVA River Neighbors - October 2019

Happy autumn to you! Fall is one of the best times to enjoy some downtime on TVA’s public lands, no matter what you enjoy doing. After such a long, hot summer, it’s refreshing to enjoy some nice fall temperatures.
What better time than Halloween to learn about bats? International Bat Week is this month and we are very proud of the new bat roosts we’ve been placing around the Valley to encourage bat populations to find secure homes.
Our six managed campgrounds are closing for the winter on November 15, so you still have time to plan a trip. And don’t forget, there are plenty of campsites open year-round where you can enjoy some time with nature. And if sleeping in a tent isn’t your bag, enjoy the comforts of home in your RV while still visiting TVA campgrounds.
This continues to be a good year for fishing, and anglers won’t be disappointed, especially if they know a few secrets about where to look. We’ll share those, along with updated info on places to hike and mountain bike among the fall colors.

With a record-breaking wet spring followed by an unusually dry September, we’ve stayed busy managing the river and lake levels in the Valley. Winter drawdown is arriving now, but in wet conditions and in dry, you can be sure that TVA works around the clock to ensure Valley residents are safe, and getting the most benefit from the Tennessee River.
We’ll send out our next issue in December with lots of ideas and suggestions for enjoying the outdoors even in the chill. Until then, we invite you to visit a new trail, perhaps a lake you haven’t seen before. Feel free to use the hashtag #tvafun so we’ll see your pictures. Stay safe!

David Bowling
Vice President, River & Resources Stewardship

Boo! International Bat Week is here

International Bat Week is the week of Halloween each year (very appropriate) and so we share our love for these furry friends. Bats are often seen as spooky or creepy, but in fact they play a very beneficial role in nature, and TVA works hard to protect their habitat and help save them. Go batty with TVA!

The comforts of home in the great outdoors

Sleeping on the ground isn’t your favorite thing? You can live it up in a comfy RV and still enjoy many TVA campgrounds. Plan a trip with us.

Speaking of the comforts of home…

We’ve been busy putting in brand-new bathrooms at Pickwick, replacing the old facilities that were destroyed by flooding back in February. Check out this cool time-lapse video of a bathroom being installed.

Friendly fire

See smoke on the horizon? Don’t panic, it might be a TVA crew doing a carefully controlled burn to help the vegetation. This is a prime time of year to conduct prescribed burns, which help safeguard against wildfires. Find out about friendly uses of fire.

Little trees with a big story

TVA and the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture are proud of their new orchard of red oaks near Norris Dam. Learn the long history of these little trees.

Perfect time for a bike ride – try TVA’s Mill Creek Loop

Even after fall rain passes through, Mill Creek Loop stays dry enough to ride. Grab your mountain bike and try it out.

Have you seen these five feathered friends?

Fall and winter are great times to birdwatch. When the leaves come off the trees, you can see the birds going about their lives. Here are five of the most common birds to look for in the Tennessee Valley—very likely right there in your yard.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Located in the East Coast migration zone, the Tennessee Valley is a perfect place for hunting waterfowl. Here, six TVA experts share their best tips for bagging the birds.

Have you met these TVA River Neighbors?

Hey, river neighbors and friends – have you met the folks at TVA who help watch over the land and waters that you love? Among the many different groups at TVA, there are teams that spend their days dedicated to taking care of river flows, the public land and the wildlife that populates it. Visit the “Powered by People You Know” page and look for these names: Kelvin Young, Kim Pilarski-Hall, Damien Simbeck, Keri Chartrand, Adam Dattilo, Erin Pritchard, Heather Hamilton, Liz Hamrick, Hill Henry, Tom Mayes, Daniel Saint (and many more!)

The Wayback Machine

Did you know TVA used to build scale models of its dams so it could test water flows? Here, engineers study the model they created of Tims Ford. (Why do trout and darters both like the waters near Tims Ford? Learn more about it here!)

Binge-watch Season 5 of Tennessee Valley Uncharted

Fishing, hiking, exploring caves, sampling tasty treats, hiking with llamas and more—it’s all here in Tennessee Valley Uncharted. Take a journey through the Valley as hosts Erick Baker and Ariel Nicole explore its unique natural wonders, urban secrets, recreation destinations and hidden gems. The TVA-sponsored series has five seasons available. Check your local station for listings, check Amazon Prime, or click here to play episodes. Check your local station for listings, check Amazon Prime, or click here to play episodes

Explore with the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide

Looking for new places to explore by foot, car or boat? Check out the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide. There are plenty of things to see and do close to home.

Got a question? Ask the PLIC

TVA’s Public Land Information Center (PLIC) is your single source for answers to questions about a variety of public land topics including recreational opportunities and shoreline permits.
Call (800) 882-5263 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET or submit your question online.
Boone Dam Project
We publish this newsletter to keep TVA's stakeholders informed about the programs and projects associated with TVA’s environmental stewardship, recreation and river management efforts.

Our mailing address is:
Tennessee Valley Authority
400 West Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, TN 37902
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Oct. 30, 2019

Pro Tips for Gutter Cleaning.

As a homeowner, do you find that home maintenance can be a chore?
Have you ever looked forward to cleaning your gutters?
Here are a few helpful tips to keep you safe and a little less frustrated with you project.
It's absolutely pouring down rain out there today
Our work is rained out for the day, so I'm sitting here thinking how I could add value to our customers. Here are those 8 tips from a professional gutter cleaner.
You know you’ll be up and down your ladder, so it’s important that you make sure you position it on sturdy and level ground. A good way to test it is to jump on the first and second rungs to make sure it doesn’t shift before you climb. Don’t be among the 500,000 people injured from ladder falls every year!
Although a garden trowel works, a better tool is a gutter scoop. What makes it ideal is the front scraping edge. It’s exactly the right shape for gutters and it’s thin enough to get under all the gunk in them. You’ll find that the task is much easier with the right tools.
If you’re using your hands at all, you may encounter a rough gutter edge. Thick gloves will protect your hands from cuts. If there are any sharp objects in your gutters, gloves help protect you from those too.
Do you follow this recommendation? Gutter cleaning companies will tell you to keep your gutters clean so that you remove the possibility of rainwater runoff and overflowing gutters. Keeping your gutters clean will also reduce corrosion because you won’t have standing water in your gutters.
Pressure washers can be a great way to get the last of the gunk out of the bottom of your gutters. Avoid hitting the gutters at too high an angle or you could blow shingles off with a high-pressure stream of water.
Look for signs of deterioration, cracks and leaks. Also make sure they’re still firmly attached to your home. If you notice a seam is no longer sealed, completely remove the old silicone with a chisel; once dry, reseal.
If you don’t have roof gutter covers, cleaning your downspouts should be part of your gutter cleaning routine. If leaves and debris are clogging it, water won’t drain properly and along with mildew and mud, you’ll end up with sagging gutters.
One last bit of advice for homeowners is to purchase a splash block to place underneath the downspouts. It prevents water flowing out of the downspouts from digging a trench next to the house. This can lead to expensive foundation repairs.
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Oct. 28, 2019

10 Home Improvements Offer the Highest Returns

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Oct. 25, 2019

Why Low-Ball Offers Get Accepted

Low-ball offers are made on houses all the time. Sometimes they're so low, they're insulting. Other times, they're accepted by the seller. You might be wondering why a seller would accept one. I often wondered the same thing so I did some digging to learn more about these offers and what makes them appealing.

When a low-ball offer is made, you can probably imagine what's going through the seller's mind ("Are you kidding me?"). On the other hand, the seller might be willing to accept the low offer if the other conditions of the contract are met. For example, the buyer doesn't request additional inspections outside of what's quoted in the contract and/or the following:

  • Buyer accepts closing date
  • Quick closing
  • Provides seller the option to rent the house back to the sellers after closing (until they find another home)
Reazo_ low ball offer responsesIf a seller is highly motivated, they may want to get rid of the property quickly and move on. Maybe the seller has already found another house and the purchase is contingent on the sell of this house -- they don't want to lose the other house and are willing to take a low-ball offer. Other reasons might include:
  • House has been on the market for an extensive amount of time
  • Executor selling the house on behalf of an ill or deceased parent
  • Close to the holidays
  • End of prime selling season
  • Divorce
  • Relocating

If the seller's real estate agent is inexperienced, it may be more likely that a low-ball offer will be accepted. An experienced agent, who is an expert in the neighborhood, knows how to counter low-ball offers and will work to satisfy the needs of the seller and his/her agent. A "green" agent may not have well-honed negotiating skills and experience handling low offers. When you interview buyer's agents, ask them about their experience in dealing with low offers.

If a house is on the market for a long time and has experienced several price drops, the seller may be more likely to accept a low-ball offer. Time might be of the essence for the seller due to relocating for a job, a sick parent in another city/state, or perhaps a divorce situation. Justify your low offer with comps from the neighborhood, which your agent can provide. 

When making a low offer, buyers need to make sure their finances/funding are in order. Sellers want to know that you've been qualified by your lender to be able to afford the purchase of their home. If you're qualified for a $300,000 home but are making low ball offers on $400,000 homes, you are setting yourself up for disappointment as sellers reject your offers.  When a seller knows the buyer is qualified to purchase their home, their more likely to accept a low-ball offer.

If housing inventory is high (aka: competition), the seller may be willing to accept a low offer. A well-educated seller, whose agent has shared the reality of selling in a loaded market, may be willing to accept low offers because they understand that their home may be sitting on the market for a long time.


There are many reasons why low-ball offers might be accepted by home sellers. The buyer's timing might be perfect, the seller may be eager to sell due to a divorce, the home may have been on the market for a lengthy period of time, or the buyer may be willing to accommodate all conditions of the contract (except the price), are just a few reason why a low-ball offer could get you into the home of your choosing. Realize that low-ball offers are often rejected --- always be willing to walk away.  An experienced agent knows the market better than anyone. Make sure you've got a good one, if you intend to submit low offers, so you can increase the likelihood of the offer being accepted. 


I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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Oct. 24, 2019

Walk The Half Mile To The Top Of Clingmans Dome

Posted in Tennessee October 16, 2019 by 

The mountains of East Tennessee are arguably some of the most stunningly beautiful spots in all of the United States and the views awarded to those who are willing to climb to their peaks are absolutely breathtaking. Nowhere is that feeling stronger than at Clingman’s Dome, the highest point in Tennessee, and with just a short, paved trail to the observation tower atop the peak, it’s also one of the most accessible mountains in the state. Check it out!

If you’re afraid of heights, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of ground-level spots for you to check out right here in Tennessee, like the Dutch Maid Bakery in Tracy City where the cakes are almost too wild to eat.


Address: Clingmans Dome, Forneys Creek, NC 28713, USA
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