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It's almost always a good idea to write an offer anyway. Somebody will be the winning offer. Why can't that person be you? 

Write Your Best Offer: Don't hope for negotiation in a seller's market. Offer your highest price, one you can live with if your offer should be rejected. Do your best!

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Dec. 19, 2022

10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2023 and into the Future

Since all real estate is local, the National Association of REALTORS® identified which markets will outperform in 2023. In identifying these markets,Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2023 and into the Future

NAR identified 10 real estate markets that it expects to outperform other metro areas in 2023. In order, the markets are as follows: Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, Georgia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas, Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Arkansas-Missouri, Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, South Carolina, Charleston-North Charleston, South Carolina, Huntsville, Alabama, Jacksonville, Florida, San Antonio-New Braunfels, Texas, Knoxville, Tennessee

NAR considered a variety of indicators that it views to be influential to a metro area's market, including:

  1. Better housing affordability than the national level. Weakening affordability is the primary reason for this year's housing market cooling.
  2. More renters who can afford to buy the median-priced home than at the national level. Homeownership rate trends depend on the ability of renters to become homeowners.
  3. Stronger job growth than the national level. A strong job market typically supports housing demand as household incomes continue to grow.
  4. Faster growth of information industry jobs than at the national level. Information industry jobs are one of the most well-paid jobs. These workers are paid about 50% more than the average employee.
  5. A higher share of the information industry in the local GDP. The information industry is a rapidly growing part of the economy. When demand for this industry is growing in an area, that creates opportunities for the local economy to grow faster than in other areas.
  6. Migration gains. When more people move into an area compared to those who move out, this means that more people will look for a home in this area as they will need a place to live in,
  7. Share of workers teleworking. Teleworking has a different impact on affordable versus expensive areas.
  8. A faster-growing population than the national average. Population changes can lead to a changing demand for housing.
  9. Faster growth of active inventory than at the national level. Increasing inventory translates to more options for buyers.
  10. A smaller housing shortage than at the national level. In the areas where housing supply meets better housing demand, buyers have more options.
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Nov. 22, 2022

Knoxville Real Estate Market Pulse November 2022

I’m encouraging buyers to think long-term. Prices are unlikely to fall drastically in the long run, so buying a home now–if you can afford the monthly payment–will still help you build wealth over time, especially if you plan to live in it for several years. Even though rates are high, another advantage of buying now is the lack of competition and the opportunity to negotiate with sellers. Steve Albin 865-235-1520 Broker/REALTOR
Market Pulse
November 2022
  • Home sales in the Knoxville area decreased 15.7% from September to October and 21.4% from one year ago. Home sales are down 4.8% year-to-date.
  • Existing single-family homes in the Knoxville, TN metro area had a median sale price of $331,100 in Q3 2022, up 13.9% from the previous year. Condos had a median sale price of $287,100 in Q3 2022, up 29.6% from the previous year.
  • Knoxville's rental market continues to outperform the U.S. overall. Effective rents were up 15.8% year-over-year in October, compared to 7.6% nationally.
  • After months of disappointing inflation numbers, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by less than expected in October with a sharp deceleration in core inflation – an early but hopeful sign of easing price pressure.
  • Goldman Sachs released its 2023 Macro Outlook this month that predicts the U.S. will narrowly avoid a recession next year.
  • NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun presented his latest 2023 housing market forecast at NAR NXT in Orlando this month. Yun predicts home prices nationally to rise by 1% in 2023 and 5% in 2024, though it remains unclear how this national forecast might apply to a high-growth region like East Tennessee.
Reader's Note: All real estate is local. Pay attention to local trends and be careful when you read national news as it doesn't necessarily reflect what's currently happening in East Tennessee.
Home Sales Report
Seasonally adjusted home sales in the Knoxville Area decreased 15.7% from the previous month and 21.4% from a year ago. Last month was the lowest October sales figure since 2017.
Key Highlights
  • Knoxville area home sales decreased in October — down 15.7% from the previous month and 21.4% from a year ago.
  • Median home sales price was $315,000 in October — up 10.5% from the previous year.
  • Total housing inventory continued trending upward – up 54% from a year ago but still more than 40% below pre-pandemic levels.
  • Half of the homes sold were under contract in 14 days or less.
  • 23% of homes sold for over asking price, compared to 27% the previous month, with 10% selling for at least $10,000 over asking and 4% selling for at least $25,000 over asking.
  • New construction represented 10.5% of total home sales.
KAAR reports home sales patterns using a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR), an adjusted rate that takes into account typical seasonal fluctuations in data and is expressed as an annual total. Comparing month-over-month housing market data using this method provides a more accurate depiction of home sales.
Home sales plummeted last month amid rapidly deteriorating housing affordability conditions, a dynamic that has pushed a large swath of prospective buyers out of the market. On average, buyers needed annual earnings of more than $98k to afford the typical home listed for sale in October. The monthly principal and interest payment on the typical new listing is up some $900 from a year ago – a tough bill to swallow for buyers and sellers alike.
Waning affordability conditions have placed considerable downward pressure on both buyer and seller activity. According to a new report from Attom Data, the Knoxville, TN metro area saw overall lending activity decline by 44.5% from Q2 to Q3 2022 – the second largest quarterly decrease among all U.S. metros. Residential purchase-mortgage originations declined by 40.1% during the same period.
What you need to know: The current softening in the housing market was anticipated, and it's more a reflection of temporary affordability constraints than a long-run downturn. Demand is down because more and more people can't afford to purchase a home, not because they don't want to. It's also important to keep in mind the housing market is returning to earth after reaching an astronomical high over the past two years, so many of the dramatic year-over-year figures aren't as worrisome as they appear.
2023 Housing Market Forecasts
Dozens of housing market forecasts are published each year as economists across the country attempt to make sense of what lies ahead. Here's a look at some of the latest national forecasts from top economists in the housing industry:
Fannie Mae
Home Sales: -20.8%
Home Prices: -1.5%
30YR FRM (AVG): 6.4%
Link to full forecast.
Mortgage Bankers Association
Home Sales: -6.9%
Home Prices: +0.7%
30YR FRM (AVG): 5.4%
Link to full forecast.
Freddie Mac
Home Sales: -13.1%
Home Prices: -0.2%
30YR FRM (AVG): 6.4%
Link to full forecast.
National Association of Realtors®
Home Sales: -7%
Home Prices: +1%
30YR FRM (AVG): 6%
Link to full forecast.
Reader's Note: There is not one but many housing markets in the US. While national forecasts shed light on overall market conditions, it is hard to discern how they might apply to East Tennessee.
On home sales: There's a consensus among top economists that home sales will decline in 2023 as a result of elevated mortgage rates and home prices. Economists at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae expect a more substantial market decline, with home sales dipping below pre-pandemic levels, while the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors forecast suggest sales are more likely to stay at or slightly above pre-pandemic levels.
On home prices: With less competition and more inventory, economists have differing opinions about the direction of U.S. home prices over the next year. Home price predictions vary from a slight decrease to a slight increase in 2023, but notably few prominent forecasters expect substantial price declines.
KAAR will release its 2023 local housing market forecast next month.
In October, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) published a new dataset containing nearly 47.3 million home appraisal records compiled by government-sponsored entities since 2013. The nation's first publicly available dataset of aggregate statistics on appraisal records, the new FHFA data provide a fascinating look into recent housing market trends.
For real estate industry practitioners, it comes as no surprise to learn that low appraisals nearly doubled as home price growth accelerated last year. In Knox County, the percentage of appraisals that came back below the contract price rose to 13.4% in 2021 – up from an average of 4.8% from 2013 to 2020. In the broader Knoxville metro area, which includes surrounding counties like Blount and Loudon, the percentage of appraisals that came back below the contract price rose to 11.9% in 2021.
NAR Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun, on how today's market conditions are different from those experienced during the great recession:
“Housing inventory is about a quarter of what it was in 2008. Distressed property sales are almost non-existent, at just 2 percent, and nowhere near the 30 percent mark seen during the housing crash. Short sales are almost impossible because of the significant price appreciation of the last two years.”
Mortgage Rates May Begin To Stabilize
Mortgage rates tumbled in mid-November following the release of data suggesting inflation may have reached a peak, according to Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey. As of the week ending November 17, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate (30Y FRM) was 6.61%.
What's Next: While mortgage rates dropped nearly half a percentage point in recent weeks, rates are still almost double what they were a year ago. There is a long road ahead for the housing market, especially considering 93% of outstanding mortgages had rates below 6% in Q2 2022 according to First American.
Knoxville is among the top U.S. metros where homeowners stay put for the shortest amount of time, according to a new report from Aside from highlighting Knoxville's amusing "Knox Vegas" nickname, the report found Knoxville homeowners tend to stay in the home for an average of 5 years and 1 month. Others on the list for the shortest homeowner tenure were Colorado Springs, Colorado; Greenville, South Carolina; Indianapolis; and Spokane, Washington.
Knoxville's real gross metropolitan product grew at an average annual rate of 2.0% from 2015 to 2019, according to RealPage, Inc., before plummetting 7.2% year-over-year in Q2-2020 as COVID-19 proliferated across the world. Due in large part to employment gains, Knoxville's economy has experienced a robust recovery from the pandemic-induced recession.
In the year-ending Q3-2022, Knoxville's inflation-adjusted economic output expanded by 1.3%. The employment base expanded by 4.1% during the same period, with a net gain of 17,000 jobs. Knoxville's current employment base now sits about 5% above the pre-pandemic level in early 2020.
For those interested in the topic of institutional investors, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is hosting a webinar, called "Institutional Investors in Housing," on Tuesday, December 6, from 2-4 pm ET. You can register here.
Wall Street Journal | November 3, 2022
Reason | November 13, 2022
The New York Times | November 2, 2022
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Jan. 24, 2022

Are We in a Housing Bubble?

Are We in a Housing Bubble? Homebuyers Say Yes, Just Listed REALTORS Says No

Historically fast home-price growth has homebuyers and sellers worried the market has become detached from reality. Rising mortgage rates and buyers who can afford their homes are preventing a bubble...

What is a housing bubble?

A housing bubble is characterized by rapid unsustainable growth in home prices, eventually “bursting” when demand no longer supports the high home values, followed by sharp price declines. It’s typically caused by an influx of demand from homebuyers and real estate investors.

The housing market is much stronger than it was before and during the Great Recession. There’s a very low likelihood that home prices will go down anytime soon.

Just Listed REALTORS, real estate broker Steve Albin dives deep into the world of real estate, offering a fresh take on the latest housing news for homeowners, buyers, and daydreamers alike. While others focus on simply facilitating a transaction, we believe in delivering an extraordinary experience to our clients. 

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Jan. 22, 2022

Mortgage Rates Are Surging, Will Home Prices Have To Fall?

Market Update

Mortgage Rates Are Surging,  Will Home Prices Have To Fall?

The question on every homebuyer’s mind: Will higher rates lead home prices, which have been shooting up into the stratosphere, to finally come down?

It could take a few months for prices to sort themselves out in response to the higher rates, rates will remain volatile for a while.

Higher rates will cool demand a bit, we expect house price growth to stay pretty robust in the first part of the year.

Just Listed REALTORS, real estate broker Steve Albin dives deep into the world of real estate, offering a fresh take on the latest housing news for homeowners, buyers, and daydreamers alike. While others focus on simply facilitating a transaction, we believe in delivering an extraordinary experience to our clients.

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Jan. 12, 2022

Tennessee Homeowners Assistance Fund

We wanted to pass along this information in case you have an clients, customers, or friends who may be in need of assistance.

The Tennessee Homeowners Assistance Fund (TNHAF) program launched January 10th to assist homeowners who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This assistance can be used for mortgage payments and other housing related costs. Households may apply for assistance up to $40K. To learn more and apply, homeowners should go access the HAF Application Portal at:

With so many people across our state suffering from the effects of this terrible pandemic, this assistance is ready to make a big impact.

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Dec. 17, 2021

Buyer Loyalty Agreement Just Listed Knoxville Real Estate

Buyer Loyalty Agreement We will provide you with the following services: 

1. First and foremost, we promise to give it our all. You can count on us to be in constant communication, be available to you, and always do the right thing. 

2. We will guide you in securing the best financing program for your specific needs with the lowest interest rate and least expensive closing costs. We will then have a pre-approval letter generated to give you a competitive advantage in future negotiations. 

3. We will provide you with regular updates from our customized interactive buyer profiling system of all of the new listings that match your criteria. This will allow you both an online preview as well as the possibility to drive by and determine which of the properties you want to tour in person. 

4. We will arrange a private showing of any home you wish to see, including new construction and For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties. 

5. When you find a home that you want to buy, we will counsel you on the best strategies regarding the offering price, financing terms, interest rate, possession date, inspection timelines, and more. 

6. We will help you prepare your offer with the terms, provisions, and addendums weighted in your favor, with your best interests in mind. 

7. We will present the offer on your behalf, directly to the Seller when possible, and negotiate in your favor to help you secure the property at the best possible price and terms.

8. We will recommend experienced and competent vendors with respect to your total home purchase: lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, escrow companies, title companies, qualified repairmen, and legal advisors if needed. 

9. We will be available for you to answer any questions you might have at any time.


You agree to

 1. Seek pre-approval from a mortgage lender prior to viewing a property. 

2. Notify us of any homes that you wish to view and inform all other Agents, For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s), or Builders that you are being exclusively represented by Just Listed Knoxville Real Estate. Please keep in mind that many Builders require that we accompany you on the first visit to the property. 

3. Formulate any offer on any home (new or resale) through Just Listed Knoxville Real Estate.

 4. Have fun and trust us through the process! You will be glad that you partnered with us. 5. Acknowledge that our fee of 3% of the purchase price will be built in as part of the purchase agreement. 

6. The fact that this Buyer Loyalty Agreement expires one year from today’s date. 

7. Acknowledge that Just Listed Knoxville Real Estate is being retained solely as a real estate agent and not as an attorney, tax advisor, lender, appraiser, surveyor, structural engineer, home inspector, mold expert, or any other professional service provider. And further, acknowledge that you have been advised to seek professional advice concerning the condition of the property and legal and tax matters. 

Just Listed Knoxville Real Estate


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Oct. 27, 2021

Fountain City Social, An 80’s-Themed Bar In East Tennessee

Celebrate The 1980’s At The Fountain City Social, An 80’s-Themed Bar In East Tennessee

The 1980s may be in the past, but there’s really nothing quite like a step back in time on date night to spice things up. Fountain City Social just opened in Knoxville, Tennessee, and although this ’80s themed bar is still fairly new, the quality is top-notch and the experience is one you can’t replicate. If you’re looking for a fun night out and about in the city, we’ve found exactly where you need to be…

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

What a fun place to visit! Did you know there was an ’80s themed bar in Tennessee?! You can learn more about Fountain City Social either at its official website or Facebook page.

Happy fall, Tennessee! Don’t miss out on the fall foliage map that shows you when to see fall colors in Tennessee. It’s a pretty neat season we have coming up, and we can’t wait to experience it alongside all of our favorite Tennesseans.t

Address: Fountain City Social, 4842 Harvest Mill Way, Knoxville, TN 37918, USA
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Oct. 22, 2021

TVA River Neighbors - October 2021


Greetings, River Neighbors!

Fall is one of the best times to enjoy some downtime on TVA’s public lands. After such a long, hot summer, it’s refreshing to enjoy some nice fall temperatures.

Our six managed campgrounds are scheduled to close for the winter on November 15, so you still have time to plan a trip. And don’t forget, there are plenty of dispersed recreational areas open year-round where you can enjoy some time with nature. If sleeping in a tent isn’t your preference, enjoy the comforts of home in your RV while still visiting TVA campgrounds.

What better time than Halloween to learn about bats? Bats get a bad rap, you know. International Bat Week is this month and it’s a good time to learn about what TVA does to help protect these important species.

As it gets cooler, winter drawdown will arrive at TVA reservoirs. You can stay on top of the latest information with our Lake Info app.

In our next issue we’ll include ideas and suggestions for enjoying the outdoors even in the chill. Until then, we invite you to visit a new trail, perhaps a lake you haven’t seen before. Feel free to use the hashtag #tvafun so we’ll see your pictures. Have a safe and enjoyable autumn.

Allen Clare
VP, TVA River & Resources Stewardship


Little fish, big comeback

The snail darter is a tiny fish that once halted an enormous project—Tellico Dam. TVA and its partners set to work making sure this endangered species was no longer endangered. Now, that milestone has been reached. Learn more about how it happened!


Speeding up the process – Section 26a permits

Any construction activity along or in the Tennessee River or its tributaries requires a Section 26a permit, often called a shoreline permit. Watershed Representative Jori Chatman and her colleagues assist applicants in obtaining their 26a permits. Discover what Jori’s day is like and how she works to make site visits happen sooner and get requests in the hands of TVA’s expert reviewers more readily.


TVA biologists find rare “livers of the rivers”

TVA biologists ended the summer by surveying the mussels of Elk River tailwaters — a 130-mile stream that flows from the base of Tims Ford Dam in Lincoln County, Tennessee to Alabama’s Wheeler Reservoir.


Hydro “remote control” system gets a reboot

TVA is investing $20 million to upgrade these systems that are crucial to operating our generating fleet and managing flood control.


Please – leave no trace when you camp

TVA’s campsites are popular attractions all year round, hosting thousands of visitors. But by leaving behind trash and litter, some campers spoil the experience for the next ones who arrive. Please help us curb littering and illegal dumping. Find out how.


Find your inspiration this autumn in the Valley

For as long as paint has existed, autumn has inspired artists as they blend just the right color for leaves drifting across the canvas. But a painting cannot imitate the sounds of geese flying south nor the stunning shafts of afternoon light on a fall day.

The Tennessee Valley, with its numerous streams and lakes are made for cool-weather camping, fishing or hunting. Others enjoy hiking through swirling orange and yellow leaves or trying to capture the splendor with a camera. TVA Natural Resources encourages you to find out what inspires you this fall, by discovering Explore TRV, the map guide of the Tennessee River Valley.


Colorful autumn hikes

The Tennessee Valley is at its best when fall brings out glorious color in the trees. Here are six spectacular hikes that even the most jaded leafers will absolutely love.


Ladies and gentlemen, start your paddles

Five new communities have been accepted to the Tennessee RiverTowns Program as part of the Tennessee RiverLine, North America’s next great regional trail system. As one of program’s benchmarks, these communities must each host two paddle events annually. Bottom line, ten, brand new paddling events will be available in the Valley in 2022. This is in addition to annual paddle events currently being hosted by those already in the program. Talk about a reason to travel the valley in 2022, this is it! Ladies and gentlemen, start your paddles!


Full-on fall camping weather is here

What do hardcore and fair-weather campers have in common? October is their favorite month to rough it in the deep woods or visit a Camp-Right Campground with everything from pup tents to a state-of-the-art RVs.

Along with the temperature, the humidity is perfect. And because October is the valley’s driest month, chances are good that every activity, from biking to fishing to photographing fall’s stunning wildflowers can be enjoyed in ideal weather. TVA Natural Resources encourages you to peruse the list of eco-friendly campgrounds that are proud to be certified Tennessee Valley Camp-Right Campgrounds.

P.S. Don’t forget to make your 2022 reservations!


Tennessee Valley Clean Marinas

Environmental excellence no matter the weather
It’s that time of year, when lake levels on many of TVA’s reservoirs are dropping in preparation for the heavy rains of winter. TVA prepares for the winter flood season by lowering the level of flood-storage reservoirs to make room for the runoff produced by winter storms. Discover more about the drawdown, and don’t forget to stop by a Tennessee Valley Clean Marina for information on how to safely navigate the river during fall and winter months. Get additional safe boating tips.


The Wayback Machine

Are you ready to pitch a tent? People come from near and far, year after year, to enjoy TVA’s campgrounds. Here, campers enjoy Rushing Creek on Kentucky Lake in August, 1966.


Explore with the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide
Looking for new places to explore by foot, car or boat? Check out the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide. There are plenty of things to see and do close to home.

Got a question? Pick the PLIC
TVA’s Public Land Information Center (PLIC) is your single source for answers to questions about a variety of public land topics including recreational opportunities and shoreline permits. Call (800) 882-5263 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET or submit your question using the online form.

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Oct. 3, 2021

Inflation to remain high well into 2022 ® As always, I want to keep you informed of the latest happenings in our local real estate market.

Inflation to remain high well into 2022 “Fed Chair Powell” For homeowners today, as well consumers looking to buy a home, inflation is your friend. “ John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC.” 

Your monthly mortgage costs will be fixed for 30 years while home prices continually rise creating more home value.

Bottom, your income goes up and your biggest expense stays flat if you are a homeowner. 

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July 12, 2021

What to Know About Home Inspectors.


The record-setting pace and sale prices in Tennessee’s real estate market are the talk of news stories, office water coolers and social media. While the Volunteer State’s strong housing market is proof that Tennessee has the right mix of leadership, employment and recreational opportunities, some consumers and real estate professionals may find themselves caught up in the breakneck pace and overlook crucial information when it comes to the role that home inspectors can play in the purchase of a home.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) and the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) want to eliminate confusion that may arise when it comes to home inspections and the role home inspectors play.

Home inspections are an educational asset that can help buyers make informed choices about the home they are considering purchasing. A licensed home inspector is an independent professional apart from the real estate agent or mortgage lender who provides a visual evaluation of the property.

TREC reminds real estate professionals and consumers alike to learn what a home inspector actually does during an inspection. During an inspection, a home inspector visually inspects a home’s structural components (foundation, floors, roof and walls), windows, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems. When the inspector has completed his or her inspection, the inspector then creates a detailed report explaining the areas of the house that require repair or could potentially become problematic in the future.

Learning what a home inspection does not entail is equally important as many consumers mistakenly think home inspectors have more duties than they are actually required by law to include.

Home inspectors are not required to:

Walk a home’s roof.

Enter a home’s crawl space.

Look for mold or microorganisms though the report might note their presence, but probably need follow-up by a specialist.

Offer or perform any act or service contrary to law.

Offer or perform any other job function requiring a license such as engineering, architectural, plumbing or electrical work.

To help eliminate confusion, TREC is sharing a new message with licensees including a press release and a blog post highlighting the work of licensed Tennessee home inspectors. For other questions or concerns please reach out to us at or (615) 741-2273.


Caitlin Maxwell

TREC Executive Director

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